“DUA ma yaad”

Not to confuse ‘DUA’/prayer with religion/belief in God but only as a tool to wish for the better for all fellow beings. Read more here..

In your arms..

Life goals: to realize all my treasures are in your arms

I am ashamed..

Another act of holocaust is among us, ‘humanity’ is on the verge of extinction in Syria. It is about time we take action before the time to regret comes.

Every grain counts..

We fail to realize the significance of food in our lives but to see people starve really hits you hard. Here’s an eye-opener.

Slice of Heaven

Al Hutaib, Yemen is a little slice of Heaven amongst the barren lands of Yemen. Read more here.


‘Interest’ is the kind of returns that takes away more than it gives. Read more to know.

The beauty within us..

Times when an example of love and selfless service is difficult to find, ‘Arbaeen’ teaches just the lesson we need. Read to know more.

Roti, Kapda aur Makan

Only when a society ensures food, clothing and shelter for each of its members, is it truly ready to progress with education as a growth catalyst. Here, is an example amidst us to learn from.