“Go fun yourself”

‘MEME’, pronounced as ‘miːm’, and not ‘mai-mai’ or ‘mi-mi’ or ‘may-may’, is the modern version of Shakespearean plays, very entertaining and take-up hours of your time if you start scrolling through them but extremely sarcastic, cringe-worthy, triggering, race-caste insensitive but straight-up hysterical and guarantee some major laughs, beginning with the millennials and eventually even captured the Gen X.

Memes can roughly be traced back to a 4-5 years ago starting with the simplest of characters, cartoons & figures being pasted on images as cut-outs, including simple emoji faces to even Leonardo DiCaprio’s famous ‘Inception’ meme and the happy walk.


9GAG, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. have become the hubs for meme generation & sharing, these platforms have seen their user base increase from thousands to millions in a very brief time. Initially memes were created on editing softwares but eventually rose many third-party apps to create these memes that increased the numbers of contributors exponentially. Also, we get most of our updates on world issues via memes (:P).

Regionally speaking, India to be specific, has seen a host of region specific memes, be it Gandhi VS Modi, the Elections 2016, the rich content politicians and even Salman Khan & his court trials. There can be almost nothing that cannot have a meme on it, be it religion/caste/race or a national issue/PM or even a cow.

-> ‘Sherlock’ aka Bumblebee Cumplebatch was shown no mercy:


The LOLs & LMAOs apart, meme sharing has some serious rules, derived and accepted over years with basic guidelines on meme sharing.

Feel-free-to-add-or-improve-on-anything-> Apart from the usual joke-memes, some mock races with countries:




-> Some just take a minute to hit you:



-> IT Support for us all:



We also got math puns:



-> Some quite real:



-> Even Harry Potter mocked:



-> Jews be too cool:



-> Summarizing our friends:



-> Or our music taste:



-> Some excruciatingly painful puns:



-> Some just a twist on a classic:


-> I haven’t even started to discuss the “covfefe”

But, anything beyond a certain limit becomes poisonous. We must take care that the sarcasm/mean-ness, etc do not get out of hand making us such overall.

Memes are the cave paintings of our era, very artistic & the epitome of our creativity but our descendants are going to judge us (a lot). The DaVinci-s and Picasso-s of our generation sit behind computer and mobile screens hours at the stretch to bring us the freshest, meanest, the most badass and dank memes to lighten up our day, truly a noble humanitarian service.

“Go fun yourself”- Queen of England to Christopher Columbus (XD XD)







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