Confession of a millennial

We have come a long way from the analogue landlines to touch-screen mobile devices, from steam engines to high speed bullet trains, from “who let the dogs out” to “shape of you” & “despacito”, from Orkut to Facebook and Instagram and from meeting at the coffee house to video conferencing, somewhere we lost track of ourselves and have become this instant gratification addicts. Be it food, a walk in a park or even a tough bowel movement, we are right there to “post” it all, “snapchat” it or even write about it on our “wall”, pun intended.

What once stood true for the World Wide Web (www.) bringing us closer has become its own bane. We are a11 so connected yet so distant, the information of the world fits in our palm but we do not know our own neighbours. Our need and desire for instant gratification has made us beasts, whose hunger for likes, upvotes, shares, subscribers & followers never end. Self-respect is often measured by the amount of number of likes and comments. This urge for instant-gratification has torn us apart made us addicted, self-doubting individuals who value their self-worth as per public response to a selfie or a clever comment.

“All of the biggest technological inventions created by man – the airplane, the automobile, the computer – says little about his intelligence, but speaks volumes about his laziness”

Twitter has become the twisted version of a Salon. What once used to be a contest of minds has become a shouting competition. Let’s not even get started on tolerance issue these days. There is almost nothing you can say that will not offend someone these days, be it a die-hard political “karyakarta” (fan), a Bollywood personality or a public figure. The time of respecting another’s views have long gone.

The digital world has mesmerized us beyond belief, our romance has become sexting, our trust has become displaced in people who like our “DP”, we have lost the value of conversations, sadly small talk has become deep.

We have been blessed with the best of intelligence, capability and emotional strength of our world yet we squander our virtues when we could achieve so much, because it bears more value to believe in it and do something about it than like a picture/post that alarms you of some wrong amidst us. Some might think we already know about this, why even write about it. But, we need to talk about it because accepting the problem is the first step in its correction.

It is time we gather ourselves and rise above this petty desire for likes, upvotes, comments, re-tweets, etc. and build a society on gratification of merit and virtue.

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Food for thought.

Thank you for reading.



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