A spirit unbroken

Since 2014, Iraq & Syria are under attack from ISIS aka UN-Islamic State of Iraq & Syria (Why the UN-Islamic State, read here: https://foodforthought53blog.wordpress.com/2016/07/11/first-blog-post/) (About the turmoil of Syria, read here: https://foodforthought53blog.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/i-am-ashamed/) and has a death-count crossing thousands. (UN)ISIS has destroyed millions worth of public and private infrastructure, shook the Iraqi & Syrian economies and set them back hundreds of years with death, blood, ruins and cries all around.

IMG-20170530-WA0002(a family having iftaar, breaking of fast food)

But all is not lost, dawns a new sun on the 28th of May, marking the beginning of Ramzan, a time where Muslims devote themselves to fasting (no food and water during day time), Namaz (prayers) & doing all good they can for their fellow men. The 1st of Ramzan brought these turmoiled states in new light, with the residents who stood up to complete their religious duties, to meet in congregation (or jama’at) to pray Namaz five times a day in the streets & to help their fellow men achieve the same, all this when almost none of them have a roof over their head or even a guarantee to be alive the next day.

IMG-20170530-WA0003(people praying namaz in the ruins of their Masjid)

Ramzan is a revered and a very auspicious time, where every Muslim tries to devote his waking hours in prayers & repentance of his sins. Some people have their excuses to not fast during this time like, “have to go to work” or “my children are small” etc., but are any of our excuses ever so slightly relevant versus what is being practiced by these people. (I reckon the answer will be a NO)


These people have seen it all go away in minutes, seen their lives collapse, seen their homes fall to rubble, seen their loved ones die, seen their very way of life destroyed yet they strive to continue with a spirit unbroken, unharmed & unhurt.

mironova_ramadaninsyria_manpraying(people praying in Masjid, whatever is left of it)

My call here is an ode of respect to these residents of Iraq & Syria and to do DUA (understand the importance of DUA here: https://foodforthought53blog.wordpress.com/2017/04/22/dua-ma-yaad/) for our fellow human beings that have set an example for the world now and for generations to come, that there is no power, not terrorism, not the fear of death, not the absence of money and means, that can stop us from achieving something like an educational degree, to helping our neighbours to even performing our religious duties.

img20170523wa0008(a poster from a donation drive for Syria)

Our prayers & salutations of peace upon the people of Iraq & Syria.

Do not cloud your perception with the religion but take inspiration from their relentless spirit, bravery, honesty towards delivering religious duties but more than that their hope & optimistic approach towards life itself.

What’s your excuse?

Food for thought.

Thank you for reading.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shilpa says:

    There is indeed a lot to learn from these people… We feel that we have many struggles in our life.. though it is nothing compared to so many people out there who have faced disastrous moments in their life, but they still keep on going strong and positive about their life.. Hats off to your post !!!


  2. Tasneem mom. says:

    Very touching n sorrowful


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