“DUA ma yaad”

For centuries man has found solace to his obstacles and predicaments in DUA, arabic for ‘prayers’ or ‘supplication’, it may be in another language and another form, be it prostration, joining hands to a deity or even dancing (as practiced by certain tribes in Africa) but always found appeasement maybe not immediately and in the conventional sense but nevertheless attained it perpetually.

There is a custom in communities to say,DUA ma yaad” translated as “remember me in your prayers”. Which in its literal meaning sounds quite elementary and plain as just a request to be remembered in prayers but in its essence is something profound, deep-rooted and unfathomable. “Bas DUA mai yaad rakhna” lately made popular by a certain Bollywood film has become something that is now public knowledge but its profoundness yet to be realized.

Before we can comprehend the gravity of the phrase/request, we need to cognize what comprises as ‘DUA’. ‘DUAsimply is any words expressed for the good of self or a fellow man, it need not be intended towards a deity or be done in a place of worship only but could be something as simple as an unselfish expression of benevolence. But, a DUA is only as pure and beneficial as the intention it is done with.

We confuse our perception of DUA (prayer) with religion and belief in God, but an altruistic appeal for the betterment of our fellow brother does not require a belief in a supreme power or a religion nor is a prayer limited to showing its effect only if the recipient is a believer. We often find ourselves in a position wherein we are aware of the hardship of our fellow brother but cannot help due to any kind of limitation and wonder what we can do to help, such is an opportunity to do DUA for our fellow man, but our DUA should not be limited to be done only in calamity but always to ensure virtue in the recipient’s all walks of life. It is also believed that a certain part of the DUA done for others always returns to its referent as a bonus on the action.

To realize that through a simple request, “DUA ma yaad”, so much can be achieved speaks volumes of our capacity to do good, to benefit our fellow man and even change others’ lives. Such is the potential of DUA but greater is the potential in us to do good for others.

Next time you come across an evil in the society or a hardship of a fellow man who is distant or even a stranger to you and your limitations obstruct your ability to help, remember DUA, even before it is asked for. For DUA is a succour like no other.

I do DUA for my fellow men residing in the farthest corners of the World that they may find peace in what suits them & for those in hardship that my DUA deliver them.

And, that our hearts echo with these words I utter,
for I desire the DUA of my fellow brother.

Food for thought.

Thank you for reading.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Tasneem mom. says:

    Very nicely written.hame bhi dua me yaad rakhna.hum bhi apko dua me yaad rakhenge





  3. nice written..keep it up.


  4. Shabbir Padghawala says:

    Husenbhai very well written


  5. Juzer Rokadia says:

    Nicely explained.Good food to help other n importance of dua.Glad to find ur ability of convey proper msg


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