In your arms..

Life goals: to realize all my treasures are in your arms

In times when technology has ousted human interaction to the bare minimum, when sending “snaps” and getting insta-likes is more important than meeting people in-person, we realize the importance of human touch. Various studies have concluded that depression among teens is majorly caused by by the addiction of digital interaction and depravity of human interaction.

We underestimate the value of a hug, for in times of distress it becomes our savior. Distress is anything from work pressure or the feeling of no direction in life or the death of a loved one or a pet, every situation can be made better with a hug. A hug from a friend, or a parent or one’s better half. The feeling of human warmth in one’s arms is beyond compare and value. No economic status or social standing can assure one the warmth and comfort of a hug combined with pure innocent love. The perfect concoction of the warmth of a hug and love is something the universe itself craves.

Certain studies claim hugging is addictive. When two beings hug, a hormone called ‘oxytocin‘ is released. This hormone is responsible in reducing blood pressure and heart risk, in a way hugging can actually prolong one’s life. This hormone is also called the ‘bonding hormone‘ and when for a certain period of time, a hug is not received, the brain starts having withdrawal symptoms.

Frankly, this is a addiction I want to have!

Food for thought.

Thank you for reading.


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