I am ashamed..

Things I learned from 2016: A mass genocide does not move the world, a gorilla dying does.

History remembers January 27th, 1945 as the ‘International Holocaust Day’ and also of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camps, Poland, one the death camps used by the Nazi to persecute the Jews. We identify this day as the end of the Nazi rule and with it the persecution of the Jews, the victory of humanity.

pic%5ca%5cu%5causchwitz-concentration-camp-gate(Auschwitz Concentration Camp, Poland)

Little do we realize, this evil continues to breed amongst us. In H’alab, Syria, just an 8 hour drive from Tel Aviv, Israel a genocide is taking place, to be more accurate it is a HOLOCAUST. People of all ages, right from newborns to the elderly, are being massacred in the streets. In times, when the information of the world fits in the palm of our hand and we can hear the cries of the innocent in real time, we have some nerve to ignore it while we dedicate hours of television time to elections in the USA, demonetization in India, corrupt officials being caught, etc. As we speak, an innocent child is being slaughtered every single hour in Syria yet the media, the Governments and the United Nations (UN) continue to do nothing.

TOPSHOT - A Syrian boy is comforted as h(a child crying the body of his parents)

We walk with people marching in the streets shouting and campaigning for “feminism”, shouting against “male privilege”, boo-ing political personalities, opposing demonetization acts and such petty issues yet turn a blind-eye against this genocide in progress. The UN has been busy conducting meetings with its Security Consuls and wiping away a tear when they see an image of a father holding the body of his daughter. There is a word for this ‘Hypocrisy’.

28children-superjumbo(a man carrying the body of his child)

I do not know who is right and who is wrong, who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, because nobody knows. In times, when political gain is more important than the lives of our fellow men, frankly it doesn’t even matter, what matters is that it is happening, right in front of our eyes and nobody, not even the UN, is doing anything to stop it. Who is marching in the streets for the innocent men, women & children of Syria?










(Before & After pictures, Syria)

It is our weak systems and leaders who are incapable in being articulate in the condemnation and powerful in their actions while our world is being taken hostage by terrorists and murderers. I AM ASHAMED that we are not doing anything. I AM ASHAMED that the peaceful majority of humanity is simply indifferent, unsympathetic, detached and cold of the blood-spilling in the streets of Syria.

A man once said, ‘the world won’t be destroyed by those who do evil but rather by those who watch them without doing nothing’.

b06b37ba80794e8587083c8eaa9b261b_18(a rescued child awaiting medical attention)

My question is, have we become so self-centered, self-obsessed and simply narcissistic that it does not move us to take action, pressurize our “for-by-of the people” governments to extend support & aid to the oppressed & abused people of Syria and to put an end to this mass genocide.

(Might I just add, I have avoided all the pictures of dead bodies lying the streets & in the burial grounds and the bloody streets of Syria)

image_update_img(Syrian child carrying everything he has left following the attacks)

Food for thought.

Thank you for reading.



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