A diary log: Sleepless

A comical diary log of a mid-twenties man & the series of witty thoughts he has nearing midnight. Here’s some good chuckles:


Bet you haven’t heard these complete basic school proverbs & what they actually mean. Here’s a zinger

All is not lost

Violence is generally the conclusion of the perception of one’s belief being superior to another’s, the belief itself has more value than a life itself. But all is not lost, this wrong can be corrected by starting early with pre-emptive and reactionary measures.

In the name of.. love

I’ll let the picture inside speak for itself.
A short diary note on Arbaeen 2017.

The Voice in our head

You are reading this without moving your lips or a noise.
The voice in our heads, something so marvelous to think about yet so underrated.
An interesting mental challenge within.

The ‘Lust’ for good

‘Lust’ creates a very negative effect on our perception but the archaic meaning stands corrected with only a minor change in perspective and intention. Read more here

“Go fun yourself”

MEMES, the cave paintings of 21st century.
Here is a compilation of some my favourite craziest memes.

Some sure shot LOLs inside, click here:

Confession of a millennial

The anecdote of our desire for “likes” and “shares” gone rogue, ironically being shared on social media (LOL, sorry). Read more here:

A spirit unbroken

An ode of respect to the people of Syria and Iraq and a lesson to learn from their relentless spirit and optimism. Read more here: